IKL 2010 Januar


Over 60 years experience of dealing with HIGH QUALITY stainless steel means a commitment as well as a challenge to the employees of Jenssen GmbH & Co. KG.

We feel a commitment to the statement „Various types of Rustproof steel“ as this means a variety of types of construction and individual manufacturing; from slit strip to customer specific cut sheets as well as rustproof finished articles of the highest quality and precision. An essential challenge for us is to confront the continuing changing demands and specialities of the international markets, whether it’s through the well equipped warehouse stock or through the long-standing experience of all our employees in the RSH-sector.

Let us together use and commonly understand these changes in the global markets as an opportunity and you participate in the diverse and flexible delivery range of stainless steel flat products in a cooperative business relationship. Give us the challenge – we are here for you.



We are not only stocking heat-, acid- and corrosion resistant stainless steel, but we can also process material to your wishes. Convince yourselves of our flexibility.



Our customer’s quality specifications are ensured not only internally – from our specialist employees – but also during the manufacturing of the pre-material.


Personal steel-service

In case you don’t find what you are looking for among our quality steel products, we are more than happy to advice you without any obligation.

Get to know our team

Andree Doutheil

Andrée Doutheil

General Manager

Olaf Kreuz

Olaf Kreuz

Authorized offizer / Head of Quality Assurance

Birgit Schäfer

Authorized officer

Alessandra Vernillo

Alessandra-Gilda Vernillo

Distribution and Administration

Jennifer Klör

Distribution and Administration


Friedrich Mueller

Friedrich-Wilhelm Müller

Production Manager

Stephan Tzschuetter

Stephan Tzschüter

Head of Logistics

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